Monday, December 28, 2009

Bare walls?

If you are like me, you are anxious to put your Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving but you are ready to take them down the day after Christmas!  The only thing is, everything looks so bare.  I bought a vinyl lettering machine a year ago.  I originally bought it to help me make my wooden signs, but after I saw vinyl lettering used on a wall, I was sold!  I live in an old farm house so there is lots of space!  I have a couple of walls that I have put vinyl lettering on and it gives the room a ''finished'' look.  Here is one that I put  in my kitchen.

This one is in my downstairs bathroom.
You can really get creative with the lettering.  You can personalize your kids rooms or put a saying above a group of family pictures.  At  Crafts By Jodi we can do custom orders.  They are easy to apply and easy to remove.  I had been trying several different fonts and got a little carried away on my walls!  I was able to remove them with a pair of tweezers with no problem. They look like you spent hours stenciling.  Do NOT apply to newly painted walls.  You should wait at least one month after painting to apply the vinyl lettering.  If you have any questions email us . 

Happy New Years!

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  1. Your lettering looks nice Jodi! I didn't put many decorations out this year so I don't have too many to put away! I used a lot of greens and made the mistake of using hemlock!!! Note to self.....Don't bring fresh hemlock into your house for more than 2 weeks! Yikes.... it is nothing but bare branches when touched!

    Your blog looks great!!!


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