Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to craftin!

Hi!   I took some time off over the holidays and I'm ready to get back to work.  It was a busy year last year since I started selling wholesale to some shops.  It took off better than I had expected!   It was great to get immediate feedback from my customers.  I usually have to wait until my shows at the end of the year to hear and see if something is a big seller.   I made some bunnies which is a nice change since I usually start making snowmen from May thru December!!
This bunny is my take on a pattern by The Craftaholic Creations.

I've also been having a horrible time with my internet service!  I live way out in the "boonies" so the only way we can get internet service is with MiFi, since we can't get cable here.  Unfortunately it has decided to not work especially when I want to work on my blog or website!  I came close to throwing all electronics out the window this morning but decided the hubby wouldn't be very happy when he came home!  I was able to get it up and running long enough to get this posted.  My cat and dog are thinking I lost my mind since I run back and forth from my desk to the window where the MiFi is sitting.  Do you remember the days of holding the antenna above your tv to get a good picture, that is basically what I have to do! 

I am hoping to get more items posted soon (as long as the internet is working and I stand on 1 leg)!! Ha! 
Have a good week!

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