Sunday, June 19, 2011

New E-Patterns

Here are Simon Scarecrow and Niblet Turkey E-Patterns.  You can order them by going to my website or they are also listed on the side bar of this blog.  They are $6.00 each.  If you would prefer a paper pattern please email me. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sneak Peak!

Hello!  I have been working away at a couple more new patterns.  I have been so excited to work on these that I haven't been working on my inventory for my shows!  I need to find a way to do both.  Plus I have my garden in and every year I promised myself that I will keep up with it and not let the weeds take over when it's time for the craft shows.  I have kept that promise... so far! 
I have 2 patterns that I will be posting hopefully this week.  The first one's name is Niblet.  He's a cute little turkey.  My daughter loves coming up with the names!  That one comes from one of her old Disney shows!  The second one is a scarecrow and he doesn't have a name yet.  I will post on my blog as soon as they are ready.  Thanks for visiting, and I hope you like them too.  Have a great weekend.

Monday, June 13, 2011

New E-Pattern!

Hello, I just posted the new E-pattern for Percy Crow on my website and blog.  I updated the blog post so please see the June 10th posting for the updated information. 

If you are interested in buying the pattern you can go to my website or it is posted on the side bar of this blog. The e-pattern is $5.00. If you are interested in a paper copy please email me.

Thank you!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Percy Crow-UPDATE

Hi, I am so excited to show you my newest creation!  I made a little crow to sit in a basket of sunflowers.   I just posted the E-Pattern on my website and blog for sale.  I will send you a pdf file as soon as payment is received. This is Percy Crow, and he is my first epattern. He measures 5"H by 5-1/2"W alone and in the basket it all measures 15"H by 7-1/2"W. I included the directions/pattern for Percy and the sunflowers in the pattern. I also included where to find the baskets.
If you are interested in buying you can go to my website or it is posted on the side bar of this blog. The e-pattern is $5.00.  If you are interested in a paper copy please email me.

 Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apples for Teachers

Hi!  We are in for a couple of really hot days here in Pennsylvania, so I decided to stay inside in the air conditioning and do some blogging and sewing!   School just let out yesterday for the summer.  I like to give my daughters teachers a gift at the end of the school year, and I always give something that I have made.  This year she had the most amazing teacher so I wanted to give her something a little more special.  I had such a hard time deciding but I was going through my patterns and came across one for apples.  I made one and then I added a little wooden tag to it with a saying on it,"This apple will last forever just like my memories of you".  On the back I wrote a thank you and signed it with my daughters name and year.  My daughter said her teachers loved it, so I thought I would make up several more for my craft shows.  Here is the picture, I promise one day to take better pictures! 
Have a good day!  Thanks for stopping by to visit.
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