Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What To Do Next?!

I have been working on several different projects at one time.  I started sewing and realized I needed to order some supplies so I put that aside while I wait for them to be delivered.  So I figured I would start painting some of my projects.  I painted some doors and have some old barn wood drying and being prepped.   I usually do this jumping around all summer long then a month or so before the show I start completing my projects to see what I have....and then panic usually sets in!   I think I'm ahead of things this year though.  Here are some more pics of things my sister in law got for me to paint.   The little chair will be fun to paint, so many ideas!  The next pic is of an old tray.

These little guys are snowmen that I'm working on.  Some still need hats and they all need to be stained, etc.  They are great sellers for me.

Then this is a pic of one of the cabinet doors I painted.  I actually made this wreath and it's hanging on my front door.  I loved it so much I had to make a painting of it! 
This is just a small sample of what I'm in the middle of!  More pics to come!
Have a great day, and thanks for visiting!

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