Sunday, September 1, 2013

Getting ready for the show

I have been working on lots of new goodies for the Covered Bridge Festival this year.  We missed it last year, so it will be great to be back with some new items.

This is a new item I made.  I had a ton of cutting boards so I used them as my base and the cut out little plaques and painted them with seasonal pictures based on Plum Purdy designs.  You get 6 plaques and the cutting board.  I am limited right now as I  only have about 8 done but I'm working my fingers away to get more ready!!!

 The show is in Washington, PA at the Mingo Park on September 21 and 22nd.
Stop out to see us!   I have a bunch of painted cabinet doors again and some new fabric goodies. I will try to post more sneak peaks over the next couple weeks.

Thanks for stopping by!!
Have a great holiday weekend




  1. Hi Jodi,
    I love your work! Great job on the boards and lots of luck on your craft show.

    1. Thanks so much T.B! Hubby is cutting more for me, so that is a huge help!
      Thanks for visiting!



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