Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Show 2012

Hi!  I finally finished my last show for the year, but I'm still working on orders for my wholesale site.  The show was a huge success.  Sales were up and so many people stopped by the booth to say hello.  We missed our one show we do this year at the Covered Bridge Festival, so we were able to catch up with some of our customers at this show.  Thank you to everyone that stopped by!
The first two pics are of our booth.  I share a booth with my parents. 

This is a picture of a Santa wreath I made.  He was the first item to sell!
This is a painting I made on a cabinet door.  All of my cabinet door painting flew out of the booth!  People loved them!  I need to paint a ton of these for my shows next year.
Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. I am always glad to hear that someone has a good show. For a while, they seemed to take a tumble and even though I only have one, I am rooting for those of you who can do them on a regular basis. Your booth is beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much Peggy! Yes, it was a nice surprise to have sales up this year. Everyone is also so nice and they all really appreciate that we still make everything by hand.
    Have a great week Peggy!


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