Friday, August 19, 2011

Craft Show Inventory Pics

Hi!  Here I am again less than a month before my craft show and the panic has now hit me!  I have just finished up some nodder scarecrows and added them to some of my other items that I put on my counter.  I put them there so I can keep track of what I have done and what I still want to do.  I have put some of my things away in totes.  I just need to go back and put prices on them. 
I do this every year but it seems like I work better under pressure.  Ha!
I will post better pics soon and after the shows I will post those pics too.
Have a good weekend!



  1. Hi Jodi,
    It looks like alot of things to me. You have alot of cute things. I have 2 weeks before mine. I too, work better under pressure!!! lol. Hope I get it all done now!! Where is your show??? Here in PA????


  2. OMG I just love those mini scarecrow nodders!!!!

  3. "auntdeedee" Thank you so much! I wasn't sure about them at first but once I completed them I was thinking I will need to make more if I have the time!!

  4. Lois, I'm not sure why this didn't post, but anyhow, Thank you! and yes! My shows are in PA. The one next month is at the Covered Bridge Festival in Mingo Park and the one in October is at the Washington County Fairgrounds. How about you? Where is your show?

  5. WOW Have you been busy!! Everything looks wonderful!! I love the scarecrow nodders and the little snowmen behind them. Looks like you are going to have an awesome show!

    Thanks too for your kind words about my little ticking/patchwork stars last week!



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