Monday, March 28, 2011

A story you must read

Hello, I have been busy working on some new things, and getting ready for my show this coming weekend.  My routine is to get up in the morning and after my husband and daughter get going on their day, I check my favorite blogs and then I dig in on the project of the day.  The other day I started reading one of my favorite blogs and I knew I had to share this blog.  She is Colleen/and Baby makes five.  You may already follow her but if you don't, she has been posting about her personal journey.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer.  If you have been through this or even if you haven't it is such an incredible story to read.  You'll find it here  This is part 1, she has also posted part 2, so be sure to read it too.

Her story really makes you think about what is really important.  So I will be thinking of her the next time I get frustrated because I'm not getting enough done for my next show! 

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